How Safe Are Murphy Beds (7 Safety Tips)

Are murphy beds safe or dangerous? In this article, we go through some of the safety concerns related to Murphy beds and highlight the safety tips for each potential danger.

A Murphy bed, also known as a wall bed, pull-down bed, or fold-down bed in North America, is a bed that is hinged at one end and can be stored vertically against a wall or inside a closet or cabinet. The bed is named after Irish immigrant William Lawrence Murphy, who decided to find a creative way to make more space in his tiny New York apartment. Around 1900, he applied for his first patents.

When used correctly, modern Murphy beds have features that make them safe. The hinge mechanism that secures the bed to the wall isn’t built to automatically unfold. Other fixtures that keep the bed upright often make it difficult for it to open quickly. Instead, when pulled away from the wall for use, modern murphy beds descend slowly.

Murphy beds have become a very common choice for people looking to optimize the living space in their apartments, studios, basements, guest rooms, and even mobile homes. Modern Murphy beds may include a variety of space-saving features including built-in sofas, desks, drawers, shelves, and extra bunks to help you make the most of your space.

Can a murphy bed kill somebody?

Murphy beds can cause harm, just like any other household product or gadget when used inappropriately, but as Rosen pointed out, death by Murphy bed is highly unlikely. Household appliances that appear to be secure can become unsafe due to frayed wires, inadequate maintenance, and proximity to water. Here are a few of the most common household hazards that are statistically more likely than a Murphy bed mishap to cause damage.

Charlie Chaplin’s “One A.M.” portrayed one of the first—and perhaps most famous—examples of a Murphy bed in popular culture.exChaplin and the Murphy bed caught up in a struggle in the 1916 film, ended with both parties exhausted and Chaplin resigning himself to sleeping in the bathtub. Murphy beds have been used in the media to incite amusement over the years, often by causing damage or frustration, which may explain why people often equate Murphy beds with disaster.

Since its invention a century ago, Murphy-bed technology has vastly improved. If you Google the word “Murphy bed,” you’ll also come across a similar search for “Are Murphy Beds Safe?” The evidence is indisputable. “When used properly, Murphy beds are not dangerous,” according to Go Downsize. When you’re on top of the bunk, they won’t fold up against the wall. The frame will not fold down on you if it is correctly placed on the wall.”

Are Murphy beds dangers or hazards in waiting?

Murphy beds are not risky when used properly. When you’re on top of the bunk, they won’t fold up against the wall. The frame will not fold down on you if it is correctly placed on the wall.

Dangers associated with murphy beds

There are common hazards that can be easily avoided, just as there are in most things in life. When it comes to Murphy beds, there’s a lot to tell and what to avoid.

Especially because these types of bed frames come with unique hardware and lifts.

Can the murphy bed Spring Up or Drop down on its own?

No, as long as the bed is properly built, there should be no danger of the bed springing up or falling on your boy. The hydraulics of the bed ensure that once it is in the prone position, it will not snap back up, even though anyone is lying on it. Since the hinges are usually designed so that the bed remains rigid before the safety latches are removed – or descends very slowly. Check out our article for more information about how a Murphy Bed works.

Hydraulic pistons keep a murphy bed from spontaneously folding up and down.

Safety measures when owning a murphy bed

Most beds have extra safety features including catches to keep the bed upright while it’s not in use, as well as straps or links to keep the mattress in place and locking legs for added protection.

Your Murphy Bed is secure for your children and visitors in your home if you use the provided safety features like straps and ties or locking legs correctly.

Locking the bed in an upright position and using piston-based devices are two child safety tips for Murphy beds. A Murphy Bed will help you make more space in your home and accommodate more visitors.

To keep the bed from opening on its own, use safety latches. When opening the bed, make sure there is enough light to see all of the safety latches and buttons. Purchase the murphy bed from a reputable retailer and get it installed by a professional. Do not attempt to assemble the bed on your own. Avoid pinch points, which may catch fingers, clothes, or bedding between the wall and the frame. Make sure the murphy bed is securely fastened to the wall to prevent it from falling.

Here are some of the safety tips for murphy beds:

1. Using safety latches to keep the bed from opening on its own

On either side of the bed, there is a key-lock device that is out of reach of children. This device is safe and stable, preventing the bed from being opened unless you want to do so. You may also use safety latches and locks on the Murphy bed’s cabinets and drawers to help avoid smashed fingers and other injuries.

Even without a lock, a well-made Murphy bed can remain locked. Additionally, additional safety devices can be mounted on cabinet doors. If you have small children, however, you may not want to risk them climbing on the bed and unintentionally opening it. Preventing accidents and providing peace of mind begins by properly locking the bed and teaching the children how to do so. Stuart David, a wall bed maker, explains why a locking mechanism is necessary in this article.

2.  Before opening the bed, make sure there is enough light to see all of the safety latches and buttons.

When running your new Murphy bed, make sure you have enough light to see all of the safety latches. Since you won’t be using your Murphy bed every day, you’ll need to be able to see it clearly to avoid having your fingers smashed in any of the machinery. Make sure the room is still light and that you can see all of the safety latches and small buttons on the side of the bed so the child doesn’t make a mistake when using it on their own.

Some lighting systems are designed especially for rooms with Murphy beds, and you can easily find them on Amazon for a low price. On Amazon, you can also get a Murphy Bed with built-in lights from Bestar.

3. When buying a Murphy Bed, just consider reputable sources.

When it comes to your children, you can never be too careful. Always purchase your Murphy Bed from a reputable retailer, such as a major furniture chain or a local maker. Several well-known murphy bed manufacturers market kits and beds on Amazon.

You have no idea what state a bed is in if you buy it secondhand from a seller on Craigslist. It may be broken or poor in some areas, placing your child and visitors at risk.

Also, anyone offering a handmade or DIY Murphy bed should be avoided. If they lack the necessary training and qualifications to construct a bed, it is very likely that it will break and injure the person sleeping in it. It is preferable to purchase items from reputable manufacturers whose goods have met all applicable safety checks.

4. Hire a Pro to do the Installation

Many people who order a Murphy bed will attempt to put it together themselves, but this is a dangerous idea. If your bed is not properly built, it is more likely to break and be dangerous to you and your children. As BedroomStyleReviews recommend, always employ a professional for installation and do not install the bed yourself unless you are fully confident in your abilities.

If you order your Murphy Bed online, you can see if it includes set-up or if it is an extra cost. You can also find specialist furniture installation services in your area by doing a fast google search. Amazon Home Services could be able to provide service in your area as well.

5. Always watch out for pinch points, which may trap fingers, clothing, or bedding between the wall and the frame.

While a Murphy bed is unlikely to close on your child or collapse if built correctly, keep an eye out for pinch points. Pinch points on your Murphy Bed are places where your fingers, clothes, or bedding can get caught between the bed and the wall or frame. You’ll want to keep an eye out for the pinch points produced by the Murphy bed’s hinges. It’s difficult to get something caught in these because they’re built to lock into position to keep the bed from falling down.

When you have children – especially when your children are using a Murphy bed – you’ll want to be extra cautious. Make sure they’re far enough away from the bed while you’re lowering or folding it away so their hands or fingers don’t get stuck in the pinch points.

When opening and closing the murphy bed, avoid pinch points. When opening and closing your Murphy Bed, make sure your fingers are in the correct position.

6. To avoid dropping, ensure the bed is correctly secured to the wall.

Since the hinges lock the bed into place when upright, there’s no risk of it falling down from its fixed location. When the bed is unlocked from its upright position, modern hydraulic systems work so that the bed descends slowly or not at all.

However, if the bed is not properly secured to the wall or anchoring device, it can collapse. This can happen if the wall joints are put under a lot of stress, which is common when the bed isn’t put together properly.

Make sure there is no distance between the frame and the floor while the bed is in the prone position. If there is, each time you put weight on the bed, you risk dangerous shearing of the joints, which will break them down and make the bed more likely to collapse in the future. Before you put the bed up, make sure the wall can withstand the weight of the bed. To find the most stable place to protect your bed, use a stud finder. These are all excuses, however, to hire a specialist to properly set up the bed.

Another thing to stay away from is folding the bed while the sheets and bedding are still on it. Some manufacturers say it’s fine, but stuffing the space between the bed and the wall puts extra pressure on the hinges and raises the risk of the bed breaking.

You should check the weight limits on the bed before buying it for safety reasons. Cross-reference our article for murphy bed weight power guides.

7. Purchase the Best Murphy Bed for the Space in Your Child’s Room

Make certain to purchase the best Murphy Bed for the space in your child’s home. For example, you might think that purchasing a Murphy bunk bed to save even more floor space is a brilliant idea, but would your ceiling be high enough to accommodate the extra bunk? Will you be able to sit up without bumping your head? There are crucial factors to remember.

Similarly, although a built-in sofa, desk, table, or bookcase will seem to be a better way to maximize your room’s space, would you have enough clearance to accommodate trundles and drawers? Before you mount the Murphy Bed, think about all of the room’s specifications.

Check out our article on five murphy beds for rooms with low ceilings if you’re looking for different choices for a limited space.

Children benefit from Murphy beds because they can teach them healthier habits and routines. A Murphy Bed will provide your child with more play space.

Other murphy bed safety and what to do

So, what are some of the most common risks associated with Murphy beds? What’s more important, how do you shield yourself in order to prevent injury?

Risk: Pinch points

The pinch points are the most dangerous aspect of a Murphy bed. These are the hinges that are used where the bed bends. Hinges are often attached to the hardware that secures the bed frame to the wall. The concept of a Murphy bed is that it can be folded away when not in use.

A collection of hinges is needed for the bed to lie flat against the wall. Not only can the hinges bend, but they will also lock. The bed would not fall down from the wall if the hinges are locked. If you’re not careful, these hinges can easily become a finger trap.

Fingers can easily get pinched in the hinges, causing physical damage. If the hinges still lock after the finger is pinched, the risk is just increased. Although most adults are aware of the importance of protecting their fingers, this is not always the case for infants.

Avoiding the painful pinches

Smaller fingers and toes can quickly get stuck, pinching and even breaking the skin. So, what would you do to make certain that no one is harmed? The solution is to keep children away from the bed when it is being lowered and folded away.

When it comes to safety, just keep your hands where they should be when running the Murphy bed. This, however, does not imply that Murphy beds are inherently unsafe. Anything with a hinge has the potential to pinch the skin. The majority of the risks, including cabinets and doors, are caused by human error.

Risk: Getting knocked out by a falling murphy bed

Another worry people have about Murphy beds is the possibility of it collapsing on them.

There is a small risk with this type of bed frame since it is designed to rise and fall. The weight of the bed is the reason for this. Despite the fact that Murphy bed frames are lighter than traditional beds, they can still cause injury if they land on your head.

Certain precautions have been placed in place to help prevent this.

Murphy beds have come a long way from where they were when the idea was first conceived. As a result, the bed can no longer collapse when you need it.

Instead of a harsh dropping, the bed will slowly descend from the wall thanks to special hinges and hydraulics. The majority of the time, the risk comes from the pace rather than the weight. Since the bed is unfolded under control rather than in a free-fall, the chances of being injured are slim to zero.

It is, however, always a good idea to double-check that the area is clear before lowering the bed. Keep in mind that the effect on adults would be less serious than on infants. Although the odds of the bed collapsing on you are slim, it’s never a bad idea to take extra precautions.

Safety practice when pulling the murphy bed off the wall

Another issue with Murphy B-beds is the possibility of them detaching from the wall. This can happen if the bed frame hardware’s joints and hinges are under stress. It’s crucial to keep in mind the bed’s weight cap.

The weight limit would also be determined by the bed frame’s dimension.

Should parents give their children murphy beds?

Murphy beds promote regular cleaning routines, give more storage space and organizing choices, and are customizable, so they can add personality to the room.

So, it is okay to consider getting a Murphy Bed for your child now that you know they safety measures for handling this type of bed.

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