12 Triple Bunk Beds for Adults & Kids | Where to Buy

Triple bunk beds are undoubtedly great for families. They are great for cozy sleepovers and just generally fun for kids sharing a bedroom. A triple bunk bed adds more sugar to this juice you’re already enjoying after you acquired the first bunk bed.

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Are Triple Bunk Beds Safe?

Triple bunk beds are safe because designers have incorporated safety measures including user-friendly ladder, quality construction material, advanced design, and better safety guidelines such as prominent guardrails.

The only time bunk bed accidents occur is when the sleeper portrays careless behavior such as reckless jumping on it. Kids may also start a fight on top and they could slip. In fact, most bunk bed injuries are due to kid playing around on top of the bed or climbing up and down the ladder without any precaution.

Are triple bunk beds suitable for adults?

Yes, triple bunk beds are designed to withstand adult body weight and height. With a good ladder to minimize potential falls while climbing up, the bed is a great choice for adults sleeping in a shared bedroom.

My only problem with triple bunk beds is the person sandwiched in the middle bed. A tall person may find it difficult to get off the bed. The other concern I may have about it is having someone take a leak while sleeping on the upper bed. The wee may seep down to all the other two bed. That would be a huge mess.

Triple Bunk Beds

1. Wooden Hat Trick Triple Bunk Bed

The brown rusty appearance of this bed makes it a classic for almost anybody.

What I love most about this design is the position of the ladder. When climbing, one does not have to worry about exerting too much weight on the bed causing it to shake or even fall.

Out of all the bunk beds I have seen, this one feels the safest for adults. Two beds position on the ground nicely support the single bunk above located next to the wall.

The guy who makes this triple bunk bed considers it the strongest in the industry, that it can withstand the weight of life while remaining beautiful all the way.

Age groups: kids

2. Corner Zone Twin Triple Bunk Bed

This triple bed is amazing for a small space that has a corner that would go to waste. It creates a unique ambience that anyone would love to bask in.

The designer calls it Twin over Twin over Twin. Three twin beds made of solid wood weighs 200 pounds for each of the bottom two. The upper bunk is 150 lb.

The bed has the safest guard rail for kids who roll a lot during their sleep. The other thing that is noticeable in this triple bunk is that it is easy to assemble. Its joints are straightforward-looking.

Age groups: kids

3. Fair Fax Twin Triple Bunk Bed

We have another exciting triple bunk here. The middle bed appears to be hanging and its gray frame is just so cool for that wall. The L-shaped design offers quite a sophisticated look that captures attention.

Notice that there are two ladders, each for the middle and upper bunk. When the guy sleeping on the top most bed climbs, he does not have to disturb the middle guy.

My problem with this design is not the metallic frame or the arrangement of the beds. I have an issue with the height of the lower bunk. For taller people, getting off the bed might prove to be a challenge.

Age groups: kids

4. Silver Triple Twin Bunk Bed

The children’s triple bunk above is perfect for their bedroom. Its contemporary design supports a twin bed between the bottom queen and full bed above.

The bed comes with built-in ladders and guard rails that are easy to access.  

Wondering about who can sleep on this bed? Well, it is most suitable for kids. An adult could sneak onto the lower bunk once in a while.

Age groups: kids, teenagers

5. Heavy Duty Queen Triple Bunk Bed

Good new everyone! There are bunk beds for adults too. Look at the heavy duty triple bunk bed we have here.

This bed comes in queen size. The design is plain but it is purposeful. The designer had weight of an adult in mind. Stability is important and that is why the lower bed is almost flat on the ground.

There are two ladders on opposite sides of the width.

I love the gray color because emphasizes a bit of class even in a potentially crowded bedroom.

If you’re just right out of college and want to share your house with others, the best shot is to get this exciting triple bunk bed.

Age groups: Adults

6. Metal Queen Triple Bunk Bed

Anyone who is in serious need of extra space in the bedroom needs to consider making this queen triple bunk bend. The black metal and box-like frame makes the structure suitable for all adults.

Even persons weighing above 250 pounds can comfortably sleep on the upper bank without much trouble. It is a fantastic design to consider for a start.

The bed can accommodate three full-size mattresses setting a layout for unmatched convenience. As you can note, the two upper bunks have well-fitted guard rails for safety.

Age group: Teenagers, Adults

7. Solid Pine Twin Triple Bunk Bed

The clean simplistic design of this triple bunk is just incredible. I can’t compare this to any other type of bunk bed I have seen.

If you have kids or your family and friends are visiting, having this bed would be a great experience as you do not have to worry about where they are going to relax at night.

The bed has its built-ladder too and sturdy guard rails that add support and security. It uses wooden slats and accommodates twin size mattress.

Another thing about it is that it can be changed to the regular bunk bed. Look closely at the end of the guard rails for the middle bunk. You will notice that there are blots that can be loosened to dislodge the upper bank.

Age group: kids

8. Full Cairo Triple Bunk Bed

This is the ultimate space saver in tiny bedrooms. I can’t call it a minimalist bunk bed.

The design may not possess any aesthetic appeal but it is mean for kids. No child cares about elegance once their eye get heavy with sleep.

The one thing that stands out here is that its guard rails are prominent are more secure. The designer claims that there are two versions of the bed – full and twin size.

So, nothing can stop you from considering this little bed with a superb sandy black finishing.

Age groups: kids

9. Trio Gray Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed

Looking for an incredibly compact triple bunk bed design that still retains its comfort? This design is your go to option.

The bed comes in twin size and the design could be transferred to queen bed. I like the broad shelf-like ladder posts that make it feel much safer. You can be sure that your guests or kids will always climb to the upper bunk safely because of the steady ladders.

The only flaw I think the bed has is the ladder to the top bunk. It would have been nicer on the width of the bed. That would ensure the bed is less shaky when someone is climbing. Also, placing the stairs on the side of the headboard allows the person sleeping in the lower bunk to get enough room for entry onto the bed.

Nonetheless, it is one of the most interesting triple bunk beds we hope will inspire you.

Age groups: kids

10. Sydney L-Shaped Triple Bunk Bed

Got three little girls?

What else speaks love for little princesses better that these three extremely beautiful beds? This bunk bed is not just about an ingenious design, but it is more about luxurious look for young girls.

The white bed frames blend well with pink bedding and the theme can even extend to the wall art. It just makes the room appear less cramped.

Even the position of the ladders are superb for kids. I think there is no flaw I could spot on this design. Hope it inspires the next triple bunk bed you intend to purchase.

Age group: Kids, teenagers

11. Lined-up Angels Triple Bunk

This bed is similar to the wooden hat trick we saw in number of this list. The only difference is that this one has a cute little drawer between the lower beds instead of the ladder.

Still, the bed is a superb fit for any room.

Many people are increasingly going for this design rather than the regular stacked triple bunks. It does not cram everything together to make night sleep feel like a confinement.

Age group: kids (girls)

12. The Floating Gardens Triple Bunk Bed

The design you’re seeing here is a DIY. The minimalist DIY triple bunk comes in twin or twin XL size. Larger sizes may not be safe for this design.

A lot of its support comes from attachment to the walls.

The lower bed is screwed to the wall on two sides of the length and width. In the middle bunk, the support is tightened on the wall away from the ladder. The same is done for the upper bed.

In terms of cost, this is perhaps the least costly designs.

However, always consult with a professional before building one of these on your own. They will help you assess the strength of your wall, the type of support you might need and the quality of timber to use.

Age groups: kids below 12

Triple Bunk Bed DIY

Building a triple bunk yourself is a little more complex than the standard beds.

The good news is that you can build one of these beds yourself. A well planned process can cost you less than $200 for the three bunks excluding the mattresses.

You will need to consider several factors before you start the process. For instance, you have to factor in the size of the bed, the height of your ceiling, and

Here is a cool video of DIY triple bunk bed. Enjoy the explainer by Knorpp and South on YouTube as they walk you through.