Twin Bed Frame with Storage: 8 best options to buy

When your family has grown and you have a child who is now ready to sleep on his or her own bed, the first bed many parents go for is the twin bed. But we all know that kids like to throw things anywhere. A twin bed with storage will help make your child’s bedroom look much tidy and appealing. The underneath storage can be used for clothes and other items.

All the items identified here are available for purchase in popular online stores including Amazon, Walmart, Ikea, and Wayfair.

Here is our comprehensive list of twin bed frames with storage:

  1. Little Smileys Twin Bed with 3 Drawers
  2. Stylers Twin Solid Wood Storage Platform Bed
  3. Belen Kox Twin Bed Frame with 6 Drawers
  4. Tiara Twin Bed Frame with 3 Drawers and Bookcase
  5. Teenage Girls and Boys Twin Bed with 2 Drawers
  6. Logik Twin by South Shore
  7. Six-Drawer Captain ModernLuxe Twin Bed with Storage
  8.  Discover World Twin Bed by Merlot

Twin Bed Frame with Storage

1. Little Smileys Twin Bed with 3 Drawers

White twin bed frame with storage

The first on our list is a pure white twin bed that has three drawers, all on one side of the bed. It is manufactured and sold by South Shore and seems to be the most economical choice in our item list.

Where can you buy it? Check its availability on Amazon.

It doesn’t come with a headboard but you can buy a separate one. Finding a white headboard to match it won’t be a big challenge. For those who are keen on twin beds of this type but have a headboard, keep reading because all the bed frames up next are coming in complete sets.


The bed frame is made from non-toxic laminated particleboard.


It reminds us of long summers when we just want to lay by the sea and enjoy a peaceful setting. Generally, the versatility of this bed frame makes it easy to adapt different accessories and bedroom colors to create a taste that will make your sleep much better.

2. Stylers Twin Solid Wood Storage Platform Bed

Grey twin bed with storage

Stylers Twin Solid Wood with storage comes in a simple design and is available via the link.

The number of storage spaces you get with this twin bed frame is 2.

Two storage drawers may not seem to be really convincing in terms of space but you’ve got to notice that they are long. The storage stretch across the entire length of the bed.

These two easy-to-pull independent drawers are durable and strong as they are made of high-quality pine wood. You will still store a lot of items in the spaces, just like you would for three drawers.

Yes, an adult will need to assemble the bed, but no expertise is needed. Its manual is enough.

Regarding where to buy, check the link at the top.

3. Belen Kox Twin Bed Frame with 6 Drawers

Twin bed with 6 drawers for storage and a headboard

Perhaps you’re one of those people who keep a lot of stuff in the bedroom. This next twin bed is one of the most storage efficient bed frames because it has three sets of storage areas underneath.

Check how much it costs here on Walmart.

The six drawers make this twin bed appear high but not too high at only 44 inches. So, you can be climbing on the bed will not be a problem.  

4. Tiara Twin Bed Frame with 3 Drawers and Bookcase

Twin bed frame with 3 drawers and headboard storage

Also on our list is the 3-drawer twin bed without a footboard. It isn’t just another regular twin bed frame with storage underneath, instead, it is offering a well-compartmented headboard for additional storage space above.

The three compartments on the headboard not only make the bed frame appealing but also save you space and money that you’d spend on expensive nightstands to carry your items.

Does the bed attract your attention?

Well, if that’s so, you can find it online.

5. Teenage Girls and Boys Twin Bed with 2 Drawers

Even without a fancy name, we can all agree that this twin bed looks really nice with blue-striped bedding.

In case you’re wondering where it is being sold, check it here at an online store.

Back to the features of the bed, the following are some of the most important things to know about it:

  • The two drawers are simplistic and will carry a lot of items.
  • You can access the drawers on either side of the bed frame.
  • The twin bed is built with quality pine wood for durability.
  • The front panel for the drawer is made from strong plywood that supports even strong pull force.

Being a white bed frame, most of your bedroom accessories and furniture will blend well with it.

6. Logik Twin by South Shore

Another budget-friendly twin bed with storage that made it on the list is the Logik Twin Mate’s and Captain’s Bed.

The seller, South Shore, states that it can last a minimum of 15 years when the maximum load is maintained at 250 pounds.

Unfortunately, it is available only in pure white finish. This does not mean you cannot paint it a different color. You can begin your DIY bed repainting and turn the twin bed into your favorite color.

There are 3 drawers located underneath the bed, constructed on metal drawer slides that open and close with ease.

7. Six-Drawer Captain ModernLuxe Twin Bed with Storage

Twin bed with storage underneath for keeping items

Next is this 100% pine wood classic that offers sturdy comfort for your bedroom. It has a very stable built-in slat that will support the mattress and sleeping weight of 250 pounds.

Where can you buy it? Walmart

Its arched headboard and footboard display a nice grid panel accent that gives it a delightfully eye-catching appearance. In that sense, if you can acquire the bed, the six drawers located on the underside will accommodate toys, blankets, shoes, and other accessories when your closet space isn’t enough.

Other than the 6 spacious drawers, it comes with 10 slats that will ensure your bed frame supports the mattress. It comes with pieces of hardware that you can set up on your own by following the step-by-step guide.

8. Discover World Twin Bed by Merlot

This next twin bed on the list has a lot of storage. It is sold by Discover World Furniture.

You will be proud to own this 6-drawer twin bed due to its solid wood construction capable of withstanding heavy individuals sleeping on it. I am certain your kids will love it.

However, there is a downside that I must mention. The bed will come in a bunch of small pieces, which you will need to assemble on your own. Fortunately, you’ll be able to figure out how to go about it much faster than most other types of beds such as split king.

I must also mention to you that the twin bed has one piece that you will have to reverse to allow the side drawers to fit.

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